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Video Resources

The BC HPN Program has developed a video for patients who have been referred for HPN. This video provides an overview about what patients, family members and referring health care professionals can expect to happen from the time a referral has been submitted to when a patient goes home on HPN.

Please note that HPN Program staff may have changed from the time these videos were created in 2015/2016. For our current HPN team please click here.

For your viewing enjoyment, the video can be watched either in its entirety (14 minutes) or in smaller sections that focus on the following topics:

1. BC HPN Program Introduction (4:02)
2. Qualifying for the BC HPN Program (2:13)
3. Transfer to St. Paul’s Hospital for HPN Training (1:58)
4. HPN Training (4:21)
5. HPN Outpatient Care (1:49)


Watch the videos below to hear directly from patients and doctors on what life on HPN is like. Patients talk about day-to-day life, working and traveling on HPN while doctors discuss the benefits and complications of HPN.



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